The Ambassador


Dr. Mohammad Humayoon Azizi Dr. Mohammad Humayoon Azizi is an Afghan diplomat who is a Medical Doctor by profession, with more than 17 years of extensive experience in different Leadership positions at sub-national and national levels in the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Dr. Azizi graduated from Kabul Medical University in xxxx and before taking political leadership role, he established the first Pilot Burn Care Center in the country in Herat province where it constitutes the highest number of the women victims of domestic violence. Under Dr. Azizi’s leadership, Herat Burn Care Center sat a successful example of a well-established standard health facility for burn patients which is then replicated in other parts of the country as well. Given his charismatic character and extensive social contacts, Dr. Azizi was elected as Provincial Council Representative during xxx election where he was then elected as Head of Herat Provincial Council for five consecutive years. Following his tenure at Herat Provincial Council, Dr. Azizi joined the Cabinet of Ministers as the Minister of States for Parliamentary Affairs for five years until 2015 where reformed the structure of the State’s Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and transformed its image and role as a proactive and determinant pillar of the Government through establishing effective coordination and collaboration mechanisms between the Government and Parliament. Following the peaceful transfer of power to the next elected Government, Dr. Azizi assumed his new position as the Provincial Governor of Kandahar (2015 – 2017) where he was able to set a servant leadership model and establish a meaningful relationship between the provincial government and the public by reinforcing the social contract between them. During his leadership in Kandahar province where he survived from one of the most brutal targeted attacks in his guest house, he was able to convene the first ever regional Peace Jirga in Kandahar where representatives of more than 17 provinces of Afghanistan gathered in a three days program to discuss peace talks between the Government and Taliban movement. Since 2017, Dr. Mohammad Humayoon Azizi is appointed as the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Hague, The Netherlands, and Permanent Representative of the country at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague. Dr. Azizi speaks fluently in Pashto, Dari and English Languages. He is married and has four children